Man electrocuted trying to steal copper wire

A strange story has come out of Southern California.  It appears as if a man and a woman were killed and injured, respectively, while trying to steal copper wiring from the walls of a vacant building.  Most likely, the couple thought that the power was off when they tried ripping the wiring from the walls.  Neighbors were awakened when they heard a woman screaming and found her wandering around, severely burned and asking for help for her husband.  Her husband, however, appears to have been killed. Continue reading

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Sad development in case of missing NIU student

The case of the missing student from Northern Illinois University took a sad turn late on Saturday night.  Toni Keller, 18, has been missing since October 14 when she told friends she was headed into a wooded area to work on an art project.   She simply vanished.  Authorities have been searching for the girl since then.  Then, earlier this past week, the case was turned over to the Major Case Squad and became a joint effort among various municipality police departments and the Illinois State Police.  Now, authorities say they have found human remains in the area where they feel she may have vanished.

To read about the story of the remains found near campus, click HERE.

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The Cross-Dressing Canadian Killer Colonel

Sometimes you run across a story that you just have to read to believe.  That would be the case with Colonel Williams from the Canadian Air Force.  This is very obviously a case of a man who was escalating his crimes into murder when he was caught.  Had he not been caught when he was, we might have had the story of another serial killer on our hands.  Instead, two women lost their lives, two more were sexually assaulted and he has admitted to over 80 other sex-related crimes.

To read the full story of what he did and how he got caught, click HERE.

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Police are still searching for missing NIU student

There is another disturbing story from near the Chicago area. This one is out of Dekalb, which is not far from Chicago, and the location of Northern Illinois University. Toni Keller is missing and has been since last Thursday. Authorities have been looking for her since then and that search continues. They are also asking for anyone who has any information to contact authorities.

For more information about this story and for how you can contact authorities, click HERE.

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Lead investigator in Falcon Lake pirate case murdered

Another story that has shocked and amazed people here in the United States involves the murder of a tourist named David Hartley.  He and his wife were using jet skis on a lake, Falcon Lake, that straddles the U.S./Mexico border.  While taking photos they were attacked and David was reportedly killed.  Now, it has gotten even more shocking. Continue reading

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Accused “Honey Bee Killer” to be freed

The story of the man called “The Honey Bee Killer” here in Chicago continues to baffle and frustrate and amaze. The man who was arrested last wee, former Lynwood cop Brian Dorian, is now going to be freed and the charges against him dropped. Apparently his alibi has panned out. That means the gunman accused of shooting three men, killing one, is still on the loose. This is all happening on the same day that Dorian first appeared in court.

For more on the story click HERE and read the details on this strange and still-developing crime story.

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Suspects named in Mexican pirate attack

One of the biggest crimes in the news recently has to do with two tourists who were reportedly attacked by Mexican pirates on a lake that straddles the U.S./Mexican border.  The strange things to think about is that there is a lake that straddles the border and that there might be pirates on them.   Now there are developments in this tale. Continue reading

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