A strange death, but was it a crime?

A man who was an author and, supposedly, a CIA assassin has turned up dead with a gunshot wound to his leg that caused him to bleed to death in Savannah, Georgia. The story behind his life is strange, controversial and interesting, and it has led some to suggest that his death was not a strange accident. However, his wife says it was just a fluke.

Roland Haas was a man who claimed to have worked for the CIA as an assassin and “black-op” for a very long time. Just three years ago he published a book entitled “Enter the Past Tense: My Secret Life as a CIA Assassin.” In that book he claimed to have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War as an operative in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In the book he claimed to have assassinated drug dealers who worked on an international level at the behest of the U.S. government. He also claimed to have helped defectors and Soviet officers escape to freedom from East Germany. He also claimed to been tortured in an Iranian prison.

The problem is that the government says it never happened. The CIA, in fact, says that no one named Roland Haas ever worked for the organization. However, as some would say, that is exactly what the organization would say if it did have top secret assassins working for them around the world.

What is known is that he did work as a civilian intelligence officer for 15 years at Fort McPherson just outside of Atlanta. A Lt. Col. Brend Zoller, in an Associated Press story, confirmed that Haas had worked there and was a civilian intelligence officer. However, he insists that his duties involved maintaining computer networks and some light security duties.

Haas’ wife insists he was a patriot and that she believes every one of the claims he made in his book. The book itself has been vehemently denied by all levels of the intelligence community. It provoked some outrage by high-ranking military officials when it was published.

The police have stated that they feel that no one else fired the shot that entered Haas’ leg earlier in August, 2010. The wound clipped his femoral artery and he bled to death. The gun was found near his hand beside his car which had pulled over to the side of the road a quarter-mile from his home. According to his wife Haas had had open-heart surgery and then suffered a minor stroke last November which had caused nerve damage. He had recently had kidney surgery which had worsened the affliction.

Of course, there are still those who wonder. Was he involved in international assassinations, something that would be considered a crime by any civilized country? Had he threatened someone within the organization the claimed to work for? Even his wife says she believes it was entirely an accident, but the questions around this death will likely spark conspiracy theories for some time.

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3 Responses to A strange death, but was it a crime?

  1. Judith P says:

    A professional “hit” would not have shot him in the leg and left him to bleed to death by chance…and leave the weapon…

  2. Melanie says:

    I think a professional hit might have been done. That is quite a way to torture someone–take their own gun and shot them in the kneecap. If they wanted info, they could have done it to torture him and then left when they got the info they wanted or were sure he was dead. It’s interesting that they wife is not suspicious when he was so close to home. She may be scared and just wants to be left alone.

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