Bizarre story of a pipe bomber or just a sad story of a sad young man?

The Chicago suburb of Evanston was rocked by a bizarre incident just this week. A man walking his dog came across a grisly discovery, that of a headless body. It was obviously the body of a young man but his head was missing. Earlier the entire area had been shaken by a sound so loud that it caused walls and windows to shake. It was soon revealed that the explosion was that of a pipe bomb.

Dead was a man by the name of Colin Dalebroux. The good-looking man was all of 21-years-old when he lost his life Tuesday morning. He had two pipe bombs in his possession when on of the exploded a very short distance from the Nichols Middle School. It took four hours before families who had children attending that school were notified that a bomb had gone off and that the school was closed. This caused outraged parents to complain to the media that they had driven their children to school only then to find out that the school was closed and to be sent home.

The strange incident created a sensation in the Chicago area. The local television news was covered with images of bomb squad police officers combing the area, looking for more bombs. Was it a freak accident or was this the work of a mad bomber who had been killed by his own creation.

On Wednesday Dalebroux’s family released a statement saying they believed their son had committed suicide. They stated that Colin had been battling mental illness, and depression in particular, for over 15 years. They stated that they firmly believe that he committed suicide and that the entire incident was a dramatic way for the young man to end his life.

Local authorities say they are not quite ready to write the incident off as a suicide, however. They claim that forensics experts from the FBI have yet to issue their report declaring what the incident was and whether or not it was suicide.

The authorities have stated that they have found evidence that Dalebroux suffered from mental illness and had received treatment. They also have said it appeared that he was alone when the bomb went off. It appears as if Dalebroux was working alone and intended to kill only himself.

Still, one wonders why he had more bombs with him if he intended to kill himself in such a way? Also, why did he choose such a method? So far, there are no answers.

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