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Accused “Honey Bee Killer” to be freed

The story of the man called “The Honey Bee Killer” here in Chicago continues to baffle and frustrate and amaze. The man who was arrested last wee, former Lynwood cop Brian Dorian, is now going to be freed and the … Continue reading

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Bizarre story of a pipe bomber or just a sad story of a sad young man?

The Chicago suburb of Evanston was rocked by a bizarre incident just this week. A man walking his dog came across a grisly discovery, that of a headless body. It was obviously the body of a young man but his … Continue reading

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The Story of the Villisca Axe Murder House (Part Four)

Several hours after the discovery of the body the county coroner, Dr. Linquist, showed up in the town of Villisca. Already the rumors of Frank Jones was starting to spread. He viewed the crime scene, which had been left as … Continue reading

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